Thursday, June 30, 2011


Finally some painting :)

So I think I should've been able to get more highlight on this one and one more thing, I should watch my time cause this took me too long :(
However, it was fun painting the cast shadows as well as the reflection on the marble tile :)

The bottom left part of the paper near the edge is slightly ripped cause I accidentally pulled the tape too hard T_T.

It's of a chinese cabinet at home.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Reprint of Loomis' book

I've been waiting for this since last winter and it finally comes out!
It's the new 2011 reprint of Andrew Loomis' Figure Drawing for All It's Worth !!!!
The hard copy of this book was long gone and now Titan Books has brought it back again.

Check it out :


More SLEIPNIR ! ! ! :)

Here's what I got so far for Sleipnir. >_<
Deadline is approaching soon and I should start painting this tomorrow ! ! !

Did some poses.. although they're not so good cause I had to freeze frame ferret videos from youtube :(. oh well.. I did some color tests too.. don't know if I'm gonna use them or not but it was a good experiment.

I still have yet to design the larger version of Sleipnir T__T. Was thinking of using the same pose but with armors (Maybe something steam punk-ish , or cyber futuristic-ish kind of suits with mix of medieval type of thingy ?????).

Hope this turns out well!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

S l e i p n i r

This is a furry character I'm currently working on. He's supposed to be a ferret. Funny and playful, Sleipnir or Slippy is Arthur's bestfriend.

Hopefully I'll get to finish this soon. Had fun with drawing the different head gears :)

Friday, June 17, 2011

Thursday, June 16, 2011


Some early designs of "Artie"

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Plein Air @ Japanese Friendship Garden SJ 6.8.2011

Today's location is: Japanese Friendship Garden at San Jose!!
I painted with bunch of friends today and one of the professors from my major, Cameron. It was a really fun experience and I learned a lot from his critique! I wish I could go to another plein air painting session like today, but, I have to go back home to my country.

Points to remember:
- Take into consideration the color of the light (reflected light etc.)

Hoping that I could keep up the pace for the rest of the summer!!

Paint Paint at the Zoo and Beach :) 6.7.2011

Bird Painting at the SF Zoo

Random Rocks on the Beach

Me and a couple of my artist friends went to San Francisco Zoo and the beach today! It was really fun and I did couple of quick animal gestures (which I'm kind too lazy to scan right now but will eventually do) and two paintings in Gouache. The painting of the bird didn't turn out pretty well. I like the second one better.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Art 28 Fall 2010 Final Animation. meh. :/

This is my final animation for Art 28 (now ANI 28) Fall 2010. I personally think that it's pretty bad. @_@. It was my first time animating and I did not know anything about it prior to this. It was very challenging for me, but, I learnt a lot along the way. Hope to make better animation when I get to ANI 114.

First Drapery Study :) (6.2.2011)

My first drapery drawing!!!! yayy
I did this over the Summer Bootcamp! It was a lot of fun ! :) I'm planning to set up some drapery still life over summer and do so more of this study.

Things to watch out:
- the distinction of foreground, midground, and background.
- Flow of the shadow !

Back from Bootcamp

So I went to the second week of drawing bootcamp at Sheldon's Art Academy in South Cal with my artist fellas. It was so much fun! We did figure drawing all day and it was such a blast. Definitely learnt a lot over the 4 days of camp :)

Here are some figure drawings that I did over the past 4 days in camp. Some of them are from photos and some are from the live model. I hope that I improved in some ways.

Things to keep an eye on:
- Next, study more anatomy and learn how to connect the body parts correctly ! !