Monday, April 18, 2011

Speed Painting - DAY 3



So, I haven't been the best time manager. This is my third speed painting. This time, I tried to focus less on details and instead, as Goro suggested, focus on how the light is hitting the surface. I found it really hard because I tend to render to much! >_<

Note for next time: pay attention more to the accuracy of color and how the light hits the surface!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Render, Render, Render

This is actually something I did a semester ago for ART 26 at SJSU (Representational Drawing).

-- a charcoal rendering of a machine-thingy. I'm not sure what it is (I'm very unfamiliar with machines etc.)
If I'm not mistaken, 15 hours were done from life observation while 5 more hours (finishing touches) were done from photo as I ran out of time in class.

Size: 18" x 24"
Medium: Charcoal

Speed Painting - DAY 2

Picture Reference


Yay. Day 2 ! ! still along way to go from 365. but, oh well .

So it was 1.56AM and I decided to do my speed painting of the day. Here's the result.

Progress so far: getting the hang of it! :) I enjoyed painting the texture of the water a lot.

Struggle: CLOUDS (again). In terms of speed, too, I'm struggling ! I'm really slow at this and couldn't manage to texturize the sand ! ! ! :((

Source: sample picture from Goro Fujita
Media: Adobe PS4

Speed Painting - DAY 1

Last Friday, the awesome artist, Goro Fujita came to give a presentation to the Animation Illustration students and gave us a demo as well. He told us this thing called speed painting. It's basically painting in a limited amount of time (i.e. 40 mins - 60 mins).

I was really inspired by his own improvement since the day he starts speed painting. He did it everyday for more than A YEAR. I'm trying to do the same and hopefully I'll have the same determination as he did. :)

Anyway! This is a totally new thing for me. I've painted using photoshop before but not in the method of speed painting.

What I struggled the most for this painting: CLOUDS

So this is the day 1 painting.
Source : The Art of Spirited Away
Time: 60 mins
Media: Adobe Photoshop 4

Reversal Spring 2011

My first post! ! So, this is a reversal work that I did for my ART 112A class at SJSU.

What exactly is a reversal?
It's basically building the shapes in the picture by erasing them out. In other words, drawing using erasers. We blackened out the paper using charcoal dust and erase the shapes out of it.

Original size: 18" x 24" with 1" border on four-sides.
Media: Compressed Charcoal.