Friday, May 27, 2011

It's a Siren

This is a line drawing that I did for one of my class. The final result was supposed to be made using crow quill and ink. As for the narration, we are supposed to create a "before" or "after" story of one of Max Klinger's The Glove Series's illustrations. Five illustrations were given: Anxiety, Abduction, Rescue, Action, and Homage. I chose to create an "after" scene of Rescue.

Here's the image:
Max Klinger's "Rescue"

So, the concept behind my illustration is that the guy on the picture ended up being pulled into the sea by the glove (instead of him pulling out the glove). A Siren supposedly uses a glove (really tiny here and hanging on the stick that the drowning man is holding) as a bait to lure people and eat them. In this case, this guy is her next meal :)

Size: 16" x 9"

Here's the line drawing:

Bunch of TREES . . . Plein Air #2 5.26.2011

Second day of Plein Air painting !! This was done at the park on Downtown San Jose. Approximate time was 5 pm ish? I'm not sure. Again, this was made using Gouache, this time on watercolor paper. I felt it was a bit hard because unlike day 1, the subject was a bunch of trees. It was fun. The result, however, makes me realize that I really need to do more painting.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Spring 2011 - ART 112B Second Portfolio

I love figure drawing. End of story. It is something that I really want to be good at. It's a passion :).

So this is what I had for my ART 112B (Sheldon Borenstein's class) 2nd Portfolio.

I should work harder and make better figures. I also learnt another thing that during figure drawing, I should just be relaxed and let my feelings flow to the figure. I found out that when I don't really think too much and let my hand do the scribbling , my figures turned out better.

Plein Air Painting 5.25.2011 - FIRST !!!!

So the next day after my last finals, I went with some friends for a plein air painting session. This was my first real plein air session and to be honest, I was nervous at first, but, believe me, it got really addictive as I went along with it. When you put that stroke down on the paper, you just want to keep on going. Well, at least that's how I felt about it :). This was actually inside San Jose State University near the Fourth Street Garage and was done with gouache on a Strathmore mixed media sketchbook.

Gouache is pretty fun to use and I feel more comfortable with it than acrylic (at least, so far). However, I need to be really careful cause it tends to get muddy.

It was a really fun experience especially also because I was doing it together with friends. As for the result, I didn't really get it at the beginning but I think it's pretty okay. I feel that I should have pushed the contrast more and also, the background needs a lot of fix.

Oh, and I also realized, I like painting trees .

Time of the day this was painted: 4pm - 5pm ish Spring

So it's the end of Spring 2011 Semester

I feel that this semester has been SO awesome :) I've never had so much fun in college. True, it was a LOT of work (well, considering of what is ahead of us in the program, the current amount of work is normal) and a lot amount of sleep was lost, however, it was a very satisfying semester. I've never learnt so much things in a semester before. And all of this is thanks to my awesome instructors and friends.

I just want to say THANK YOU for giving me such a memorable time.

Summer time is coming and this is when the true challenge begin. Gotta prepare myself for the portfolio review next semester ! ! ! ! :)